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medicines and poisons ww2 health wa gov au - the medicines and poisons act 2014 and its subsidiary legislation the medicines and poisons regulations 2016 contain a number of key reforms for health practitioners and businesses handling medicines the new laws replace the ageing poisons act 1964 and poisons regulations 1965, medicines and poisons health vic - new drugs poisons and controlled substances regulations 2017 victorian drugs and poisons legislation is applicable to the substances that are listed in the australian standard for the uniform scheduling of medicines and poisons, medicines and poisons queensland health - approvals and authorities approvals and authorities to allow the use of certain medicines and poisons in ways not covered by specific industry licences eg teaching purposes paramedics mine sites and island resorts treatment involving drugs of dependence, medicines and poisons healthywa wa gov au - if medicines and poisons are not used properly they can harm people to ensure medicines and poisons provide the most benefit to the community there are laws to control their manufacture including packaging and labelling supply to consumers, pharmacy medicines poisons board - pharmacy medicines and poisons board pmpb hereby announces the release of results for the pharmacy technicians licensure examination that was press release registration examinations for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, common and dangerous poisons - the most dangerous poisons for children these are especially hazardous household items buy small quantities discard unneeded extras make sure they are always out of a child s reach medicines these are ok in the right amount for the right person they can be dangerous for children who take the wrong medicine or swallow too much, standard for the uniform scheduling of medicines and poisons - the standard for the uniform scheduling of medicines and poisons susmp is an australian legislative instrument produced by the therapeutic goods administration tga before 2010 it was known as the standard for the uniform scheduling of drugs and poisons susdp, scheduling of medicines and poisons healthdirect - the poisons standard lists all the medicines or poisons available in australia and their categories the australian department of health decides which category a medicine or poison should be in more information you can find more information about scheduling from the therapeutic goods administration tga the tga is the part of the, medicines and poisons regulations 2016 legislation wa gov au - poisons and medicines that are schedule 8 poisons 110 145 destruction of schedule 9 poison or medicine that is schedule 8 poison 112 146 registers generally 113 147 requirements for electronic register 114 148 inventory of schedule 9 poisons and medicines that are schedule 8 poisons 115 part 13 transitional matters 149 terms used 116 150, the power of poison poison as medicine amnh - the drug is a prime example of the use of poisons in the service of medicine a challenge to the modern view of poison as an instrument of death whether by accident suicide or murder most foul of course nature s poisons have been used for medicinal purposes for millennia, medicines and poisons control department of health - medicines and poisons control is responsible for the monitoring and control of supply of scheduled substances in the northern territory nt the following areas come under medicines and poisons control and can be found on these pages or on the nt government website, all medicines are poison science based medicine - all medicines are poison harriet hall on november 3 2009 shares that s the title of a new book by melvin h kirschner m d when i first saw the title i expected a polemic against conventional medicine the first line of the preface reassured me everything we do has a risk benefit ratio dr kirschner took the title from his first, the poisons standard the susmp therapeutic goods - the poisons standard is a legislative instrument for the purposes of the legislative instruments act 2003 the poisons standard consists of decisions regarding the classification of medicines and poisons into schedules for inclusion in the relevant legislation of the states and territories, quotes about medicine and poison 37 quotes quote master - poisons and medicine are oftentimes the same substance given with different intents